The Trick to Embedding Your Twitter Timeline into Your Blogger Blog

What is the trick to getting your Twitter timeline to show up on Blogger?

How to Add a Twitter Feed to Your Blog

In theory, it is quite simple: Go to your Twitter page, go to Settings, and click on Widgets. Click "Create New" and configure your widget as you would like (add your user name and play around with the height, theme, and link color). Put in the domain where you would like to have your timeline show up, and click "Create Widget." You will be given an HTML code to add to your sidebar (using the Blogger HTML widget), and there you go.

The Problem? Often, the Twitter Feed Doesn't Show Up. The Solution:

The trick to having your Twitter feed actually show up is to include every variation of your domain name when you configure the widget in Twitter. For example, if you have purchased a domain name for your Blogger blog, you need to include both the domain name and your original Blogspot address.

Are you on Twitter? Let me know your handle if you want to join the conversation. I'm @artsylliu.

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