Choose your own Permalink for your Posts

Blogger now lets you create your own Permalink for your posts. Why would you want to do this?

The permalink is the permanent link to your blog post, and it is what search engines crawl to find your content. By making an SEO-friendly link, you can help increase the chances of your post showing up in searches. 

Normally, Blogger will take your title and create a permalink from it, so people sometimes spend a lot of time trying to write an SEO-friendly title. Now just create the SEO-friendly link you want and title the post how you want, two separate decisions. (This tip supersedes my previous post on how to improve a post title's SEO without giving up your creativity.)

To create your permalink, go to the Post Settings on the right side of your draft post, click "Permalink," and choose "Custom Permalink." In the space below, create your permalink and click "Done." Be sure to do this before publishing your article for the first time.