Improve your Blog Title's SEO without Giving up your Creativity

Note:This post has been superceded by Blogger's handy permalink creator (see this post to learn how to create a permalink). 

The old article follows:

Here's a simple SEO tip that I haven't seen elsewhere: how to improve your blog post title's SEO while maintaining your creative integrity.  

On Blogger blogs, when you post for the first time, the title you use becomes the permalink that search engines will crawl and that will be forever associated with that post. Therefore, write the title with the search engines in mind when you publish the post for the first time. Include your targeted keywords and put the more important keywords first. 

Here's the tip: Once you have published the post, you can immediately edit the title to the quirky, creative, or attention-grabbing form you really want people to read. The search engines will still find your post based on the first published title.

For example, in my recent article, "the 33 best apps for your new iPad," I published the first version of the post with the simple title, "best apps for iPad." Not a title any copywriter would be proud of, but the kind of search term someone might put in their search engine. So the search engines see this:

while the reader sees this:

Is this considered bait and switch? Not if the keywords you use are consistent with your actual post. It is just a way to have your SEO cake and eat it too.

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