How to Make an Art Portfolio on Blogger

How to make an art portfolio on Blogger
Screenshot of my portfolio using BoyBurnsBlog template

Do you want to create an art portfolio on Blogger? The free Blogger template, BoyBurnsBlog --developed by designer David Kutchner and his firm, Confluent Forms-- is a good choice.

[Update 2/15: My portfolio is no longer a Blogger template, but the template is still a great option. I switched to Weebly ( because I couldn't figure out how to have people be able to navigate from image to image in a slideshow format through the BoyBurns template.]

For the past year, I've been a big fan of David's website Blogger Xpertise, which provides tutorials and information on how to get the most out of a Blogger blog. It took me awhile, though, to try out his free Blogger templates.

My portfolio, Art & Illustration by Sylvia Liu, used to use the BoyBurnsBlog template. It is a clean, minimalist template that tiles each blog post. This layout is great for blogs with short and image-heavy posts. It also works for an art or illustration portfolio. Because the backend Blogger interface remains the same, I was able to change the font and background colors and add my social media icons. With an HTML tweak, my portfolio displays three columns instead of two.

Another Option

Another way to make a quick and easy portfolio site is to use Blogger's dynamic Snapshot template. To see how your blog would look in the dynamic views, add "/view" to the end of your domain name and click on the various options (Snapshot is one). My portfolio in Snapshot looks like this:

Sylvia Liu art & illustration portfolio in Blogger dynamic view "Snapshot"
Screenshot of my portfolio in Blogger's dynamic "Snapshot" template

Have you found any other good portfolio templates for Blogger?

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