Introducing Create One a Day

© Sylvia Liu

As an illustrator, I know that the best way to improve my craft is to practice every day. So last week, inspired by my friend Teresa Robeson, who has posted One Good Thing every day for over a year, I started a daily creative blog:  Create One a Day.

My goal is to post artwork, but on busy days, I'll post other creative things I do like meals, photos, or other things. This will be both an accountability mechanism and a journal.

Would you like to join me? Either post your daily creation on an existing blog or social media site, or start a new one dedicated to this challenge. Let me know where it is, and I'll add you to the blogroll on my Create One a Day page. And if you feel inclined, you can use this badge to link back to my site:

Create One a Day Badge photo CreateOneaDaybadgeweb_zps7a82f7ce.png

And to keep you motivated, here are some articles to ponder as you think about those New Year's resolutions:

  • Commitment Devices (my guest post on Julie Hedlund's blog about ways to make yourself accountable to achieve your goals)