How to Create an Active Sub Page in Blogger

Recently, a blog reader asked me how to make an active sub-page in Blogger instead of the default static page. The example she gave was my Portfolio tab (above), which links to a page that acts like a blog or website rather than a static page.

I haven't figured out a way to do it within one blog, but here's my very simple workaround.  My portfolio site is a separate Blogger blog, and my page tab in this blog links directly to the URL of that separate site.

How to Link a Page to Another Site to Create the Illusion of an Active Sub Page

(1)  Create a separate Blogger blog that contains the information you want in your subpage. In my case, I have a separate blog that is my portfolio.

(2)  Create a new page and link it to the URL. In the dashboard, click Pages, and then "New Page." When you see this drop down menu, click Web Address (instead of Blank Page):

Then fill in the form with the URL of the new blog you created:

And you're done.

Another Example

My portfolio page uses this technique. My main page looks like this:

When you click the "Sketchbook" tab, it opens to this page (which is actually another blog made to look like part of the portfolio site):

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