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Many of you subscribe to this blog, or follow me elsewhere on social media, and I appreciate it tremendously.  I am finally getting around to building my own email list, which I will use very sparingly, to share good news and information.

I was hoping to have something fun to give you for signing up for my email list, but for the moment, all I have is my gratitude. In the future, I may give my inaugural email subscribers a special treat…

so please sign up for my email list:

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Or head over to this sign up page for a snazzier experience.

(P.S. Why have my own email list in addition to my existing email feeds from this blog or other blogs? Katie Davis answers this question in her recent post, How to Use a Time Machine to Create an Author Platform. Basically, having your own email list is the best way to reach your audience without relying on someone else's platform, whose rules may change at any moment).


  1. That is so true and if you promise not to bombard them it's a no brainer. Was this easy to set up for technical turds like me? ;)

    1. I use Mail Chimp and it's fairly easy to use. Not 100% idiot proof but pretty close. :)

  2. Well, I just tried to and it says I'm already subscribed. LOL!

    1. Ha ha. Yes, you were one of the test cases awhile back. :)

    2. Test case, basket case, head case...that's me! :D


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