A to Z Cephalopods: L thru R

This is a catch up post of my December Doodle Day Cephalopods. I only got to P by the end of December, but I will slowly finish the alphabet, hopefully before the end of January. The Doodle Day prompts in January have been locations (like Bedroom, Bathroom), so I will incorporate those as well.

L for Longfin Inshore Squid

© 2013 Sylvia Liu

Neuroscientists practice on the giant axon of this squid because it behaves exactly like humans, but is many time larger and easier to manipulate. Also, long fin inshore squid do not have good malpractice lawyers.

M for Mollusk and N for Nautilus

© 2013 Sylvia Liu
I have been fascinated by nautili forever. Some reasons:

  • They can survive at unimaginable depths without being crushed (migrating at sunset to search for food from 2000 feet deep to 300 feet deep and returning to the depths in at sunrise)
  • They are living fossils. The chambered nautilus is the only creature that was still alive 500 million years ago, when the earth's continents were forming. DNA tests have shown them to be virtually unchanged since then.

O for The Magnifico Octopus

© 2013 Sylvia Liu
The Magnifico Octopus has hung up his hat and cane, but still dreams of long ago days of bright lights and rowdy crowds.

P for Paul the Octopus

© 2013 Sylvia Liu
Paul the Octopus was an octopus in Germany who gained worldwide fame for his uncanny ability to predict every winner in the 2010 World Cup. May he RIP.

Q for Qbertopus in the Bedroom (offspring of Qbert & an octopus)

© 2013 Sylvia Liu
The January Doodle Day prompt was Bedroom. Qbertopus in his bedroom.

R for Red Octopus in the Kitchen

© 2013 Sylvia Liu

The Red Octopus is, not surprisingly, very handy in the kitchen.

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