Introducing Kidlit411

Screenshot of Kidlit411

It's five days into the new year, and I've been very productive . . .  on everything but my illustrations. But that's okay, because these are some of the fun things I've worked on:

  • Launch of KidLit411. I helped children's writer Elaine Kearns launch her awesome website KidLit411, which aims to be a one stop hub of information for children's book writers and illustrators. I helped design the site using a free Blogger template provided by Confluent Forms, which designs websites and provides great information for Blogger blogs on their website Blogger Xpertise. (Yes, the whole look is done on a Blogger blog. It's the same template as my portfolio). The site provides soup to nuts information on the kid lit world, including resources (web and print), classes, challenges, submissions, and more. 
  • Procrastination Post. Author-illustrator Yvonne Mes and I wrote companion pieces on procrastination. She wrote an article on productive procrastination, while I wrote one on unproductive procrastination. My first week of kid lit blogging & web mastering probably falls under the productive procrastination camp, but come Monday, I'll be back to illustrating.