Doodle Day July, Day 11: Crustaceans

© 2013 Sylvia Liu

Steampunk Crab © 2013 Sylvia Liu

I love crustaceans. I love to look at them when snorkeling or scuba diving, and I love to eat them steamed with butter.

Crustaceans are the same phylum as insects (arthropoda) and include the large class of mostly aquatic animals with hard exoskeletons, like lobsters, crabs, crayfish, barnacles, and shrimp.

So express yourself in Doodle Day July (a daily doodle challenge brought to you by Alison Hertz) by doodling some crustaceans today:


Images from StockVault


Image by Bjorvin Gudmundsson, StockVault

Image by Bjorvin Gudmundsson, StockVault


Rosy Lobsterette, from NOAA photo library

Image from MorgueFile


Photo by Michael Maggs


from NOAA photo library

from NOAA photo library


  1. I hardly doodle crustaceans. This will be a challenge. Thanks for the fun prompt Sylvia :)

  2. When my daughter was young she once held her nose to a flower and said, I love crustaceans! It was a carnation!

  3. I agree! Crustaceans have the most interesting faces! Like little old men!

  4. Steampunk crab! Now that's a picture book idea waiting to be written. I love it, Syvlia! And I love eating crab more than just looking at them.


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