Scale of the Universe

This is just very cool: The Scale of the Universe, by Cary and Michael Hwang (who were 14 when they created this), an interactive graphic that covers the scale of all things in the universe, from the smallest things (quantum foam, planck length) to the largest (the observable universe). It starts with a screenshot of humans:

Click here to go to the interactive graphic

Every item is in scale and when clicked, provides information about the thing. As you slide the slider to the left, you can drill down to smaller items:

Sliding the slider to the right results in larger items:

Some other excellent videos and graphics on the size of the universe can be found at Brain Picking's post, "Five Visualizations to Grasp the Size of the Universe."

I've always been fascinated by the space of things and maps of spaces, and this gets to that idea from a different perspective . . . the inner and outer space of the universe and how we are situated in it. Humbling, isn't it?

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