5 Excellent Web Comic Sites

I have recently started making comics and infographics, and only hope one day to be as inspired, funny, and smart as these five excellent web comic artists:

1) Indexed (Jessica Hagy)

Jessica Hagy is an artist and a writer with a mathematical mind. She draws clever and funny charts and Venn diagrams on all aspects of the human condition. Her blog has been popular since 2006, and her work is published in several books, including one of my favorite recent purchases, Information Graphics. Sample index card:
from Jessica Hagy's blog, Indexed, May 2012 archives

2) The Oatmeal (Matthew Inman)

The Oatmeal is crass, vulgar, and very funny. He is both entertaining (making fun of anything from owning Apple products to cats vs. the internet) and educational (see his series of grammar comics, or ode to the inventor Tesla). One of my favorites is a chart on the likeability of Angry Birds:

Part of the Oatmeal's chart on The Likeability of Angry Birds

3) Hyberbole and a Half (Allie Brosh)

Allie Brosh is the comic genius behind this site of observational humor. Recently, her blog has been quiet, perhaps explained by her most recent post on depression, but her archived work is well worth exploring. Her improved pain scale post is excellent (click on the link below the pic):

Hyperbole and a Half's improved pain scale
4) xkcd.com (Randall Munroe)

This site features an assortment of geeky and funny comics. A recent one of the Mars rover Curiosity was super:

Curiosity comic at xkcd.com

5) Abstract Sunday (Christopher Niemann)

Christoph Niemann is an illustrator and graphic designer who blogs at the New York Times. His work is fresh, funny, and quirky. I have been enjoying his interactive Olympic themed videos (try catapulting Usain Bolt in the Rocket Man video). His work was also featured in the book Information Graphics. Here's one of a series of tongue-in-cheek first aid posters:
From Niemann's First Aid post
What sites do you go to for a laugh?

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