All You Need to Know about Book to Movie Adaptations: A Venn Diagram

Venn diagram of book to movie adaptations
(Click on image to enlarge) © 2012 Sylvia Liu
Genre fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the like) is an always popular source of movie adaptations. Here's a handy Venn diagram explaining the various permutations that can result.

What do you think? What other books/movies fall into these categories?

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  1. I know, why are all the Dr. Suess movies so bad?

    1. I wonder about that too. Maybe the charm in the books are the rhymes, word play and very distinctive illustrations which somehow are too difficult to translate to movies.

  2. It's funny. I just read Hunger Games and was looking for it on your diagram. So you haven't seen the movie either. Love the Venn diagram! You should do this regularly as movies adaptations come out.

  3. Aww! I would totally put Stardust into "Pleasant Surprise" but I can understand a Gaiman purist not being happy with anything made from his work. As for Seuss - blech! Live action is the wrong answer for those, and particularly Jim Carey or Mike Meyers live action.

    I was about to add a whole bunch of things before I realized these were adaptations, specifically. And I haven't read README, but I would totally love a really great adaptation (probably not possible!) of The Diamond Age.

  4. Actually I quite liked The Shining. In some respects it's better than Kubrick's adaptation.


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