Scalia, Eat Your Broccoli (Illustration Friday: Return)

Cartoon about Scalia as child forced to eat broccoli
During the recent Supreme Court hearings over Obama's healthcare plan, Justice Scalia repeatedly asked what the limit of government mandates are, including whether the government could require someone to eat broccoli. Do you think Scalia has some unresolved issues around food? Let's return to a basic principle of parenting: don't underestimate the effects of childhood conflicts over food.


  1. I can only speak from personal experience, but I didn't like many vegetables because they were not prepared well! Now steam up some broccoli and put a little sesame oil and salt on and delicious! Or garlic. Or *something* instead of plain. There, I have solved the problem. :P He has a great expression!

  2. I missed this last week - good stuff! although broccoli happens to be my favorite vegetable! :)


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