Illustration Friday: Fluid (Octopus Art, Part 1)

© 2012 Sylvia Liu
Yesterday I took a six-hour encaustic painting workshop by the talented Karen Eide at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. It was so fun to learn a completely different medium and be inspired by Karen and the eight other artists in the class. This octopus is one of four very different pieces that I did yesterday as I experimented with different techniques.

Encaustic painting is known as hot wax painting. We used hot beeswax and melted wax paints as our primary medium, adding layers and textures. We then embellished the paintings with paper, ink, Sharpies, oil pastels, and fabric. This octopus was painted with ink and the words are scratch on letters.

I will blog about the workshop in a week or so and will post my other octopus paintings.

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