And the Winners Are (Art Giveaway)....

(The winning entries, in the order they were generated. Each separate commenter was given a number.)
I decided to award three prints, because generated my sister's name as the first winner. I didn't want to raise any questions about impropriety and would have sent her a free print anyway, so here are the three winners of my art giveaway:

1. Vivian Liu (my sis, biotech scientist and multitasker extraordinaire)

2. Kavita Ramchandran (an illustrator and designer who blogs at Doodles From My World of Make Believe)

3. Sandy Brehl (a writer and educator who blogs at Unpacking the Power of Picture Books)

Congratulations to all of you! Thanks for supporting my blog and I will be in contact to get your mailing details. I will send you the print of your choice.

By the way, the giveaway turned into a nice informal poll on which print people like better. "Stay" was the big winner with 15 votes, "Mesmerize" got 6 votes, and 4 people had no preference.