Origami Dresses!

Cute Origami Dresses
© 2011 Sylvia Liu
My daughter's second grade class is doing a play based on the lovely book, "The Hundred Dresses," by Eleanor Estes, and illustrated by Louis Slobodkin (originally written in 1944, it is still relevant today, as it explores the question of remaining silent in the face of wrongdoing, in this case, bullying). One of the props I'm helping make are little origami dresses that will be used as Christmas tree ornaments in one of the scenes. I got carried away and ended up making 22 of these.

I found the instructions for these dresses on a blog, Sweet Sweet Life. Though they are not written in English, they are pretty self-explanatory.

Speaking of origami, my daughters have found a very nice origami instruction site (in addition to the other origami sites I posted about previously) that has easy-to-follow instructions. Recently, they have taken to sitting in front of the computer for 10 or 20 minutes and emerging with another cute creation.

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