Sunday, November 1, 2020

A Ramped Up Email Newsletter: Writing Tips & Other Goodies


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One of the things that social media and marketing experts recommend for authors and illustrators above all else is to build up one's email list. I've decided to ramp up my email newsletters (which are different from my blog posts). 

Once a month, I will write about things I've learned on my writing (or illustrating) journey. My next newsletter that is teed up will discuss what I've learned as a Pitch Wars mentor reading applications. Here's a teaser graphic of the genres I received:

Some topics I plan to cover in the near future:
  • What it Really Means to Network
  • Next Level Tips for Researching Agents
  • Pantsing, Plotting, and Plantsing

I'll also run a giveaway each month, whether it is a book or a critique.

If you're interested in getting these emails, please sign up for my newsletter at this link:


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