Happy New Year 2019 - Plus Agent News!

© Sylvia Liu

Last year, my New Year's resolutions were to (1) declutter and simplify my house (getting ahead of the Marie Kondo curve, at least in intentions) and (2) focus on writing, specifically finishing and querying my MG novel.

I totally failed in the first but completed the second. I am now represented by Jennifer March Soloway of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, a dream come true! I am so thrilled and honored that she is my agent.

One day, I'll write a How I Got My Agent post, but now I'll get right to my 2019 resolutions:


1) Revise my MG novel so we can go on submissions.

2) Finish drafting my next novel that has been in the works for several years.

3) Build up my email newsletter. To that end, if you're interested, please sign up for my newsletter which will include news about my creative efforts plus good links and general recommendations (today I sent out one with my favorite books and TV shows from 2018). Here's the sign up form.


3) I hope to remain as present as possible with my family and stay accident-free, especially on my left side. Last August, I had a freak kitchen knife-to-toe accident that severed a tendon resulting in surgery and I ended the year with a sprained knee from skiing. Yeah. I now have an impressive collection of boots, braces, and crutches.

4) I hope to achieve a balance between caring/raging about what's going on and working productively. 2017 was a full-rage year while 2018 was much more productive. I realize how privileged I am to be able to mute the news every once in awhile, but 2019 will be continue to be a dangerous year for our democratic institutions.

What about you? What's on your plate for 2019? What's your motivating word or phrase?