Happy New Year 2018: A Giveaway and Some Goals

© Sylvia Liu

Happy New Year 2018!  What are your creative goals this year? Mine are

1. DECLUTTER AND SIMPLIFY my house so that I can

2. FOCUS on my writing and illustrating. Specifically, I hope to finish my MG manuscript in the early part of the year, write/revise 2-3 PB manuscripts, and work on my portfolio.

I can already see the dilemma here, because (1) can be a great time suck of procrastination which could impede my progress in (2), but sometimes procrastination can actually be productive. We'll see.

So if you are in a productive procrastinate-y mood, here is a series of writing articles from one of my favorite authors, Hugh Howey, that gives a great overview of the entire writing journey. He provides great writing and drafting tips, as well as inspiration:

And a giveaway! To celebrate the new year, I'm giving away a signed copy of my picture book, A Morning with Grandpa. 

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