The Bad Picture Book Blog Hop: My Early Drawing & Writing Attempts

Dani Duck has started a "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop where we post our early attempts at writing picture books. Do not miss the previous posts:

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And now it's my turn. I couldn't find the story that I wrote and illustrated in 7th grade about why turtles got their shells (they were magicians who needed to protect the spells they carried).

But rooting around in my boxes, I found a fair amount of evidence that I was drawing, writing, and making things up:

First Grade Journal

I had issues with my sister:

I made up pets I didn't have:

Santa Claus was my (dyslexic) "boyfried":

Oh, right:

First Publication

My first published work, in my first grade yearbook:

3rd Grade Story

A four page picture book that rhymes, and not very well. On the positive side, it is short (fewer words are better these days), and it has that trendy dark/existential ending.  

Creating Board Games

My sister and I loved making board games. Here is one that we probably made in junior high, THE ACE. It was a convoluted and long game that could side track you into side games:

Some of the side games:

A Cover Publication

By junior high, I was immersed in yearbook, and this was the cover I did for my 8th grade yearbook:

Around that same time, I did this pencil drawing:

So what kind of work would you find if you looked through your old boxes?

Be sure to check out Monday's blog hopper, Rachel Elizabeth Cole. Thanks for joining me on a trip down memory lane. 

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