Postcard and Business Card Printers

As an illustrator and artist, I have used online printers to make promotional postcards, bookmarks, and business cards. Here's a brief review of the printers I've used recently, with their current prices for a pack of 50 cards:

I have loved everything I've gotten from They produce top quality cards, but can be pricey. Their prices include full color double sided printing. I've gotten the following from them:

Regular business cards (50 cards = $14 matte, $16 recycled, $58 satin; these are satin that I got on a special promotion):

Skinny business cards (50 cards = $13 matte, $22 recycled, these were recycled, shown in front and back, a little worn from hanging out in my wallet):

and 4 x 4 in. square postcards (50 cards = $28 in matte, $31 in recycled, these are recycled; I got four different designs but the backs were the same):

  • super high quality
  • unique sizes (4x4 postcards, skinny business cards)
  • you can order in small bunches of portfolio packs (20 cards of one image)
  • higher prices 


I have used Overnight Prints for my promotional postcards. I like their matte card (it's not very flashy), they do rounded corners (kind of classy), and the quality is very good. They also do our Kidlit411 bookmarks.

  • fast service
  • high quality
  • bookmarks (I haven't found other places that print the size I like)
  • reasonable prices (50 4x6 double-sided, matte postcards is $8.95)
  • I recently sent out a batch of cards to art directors and a couple came back misdelivered. One of the cards that came back suffered through the postal machines and the ink in part of it had smeared. I mailed myself a few other cards to double check and I didn't have the problem with the other cards. But it does worry me that these cards may not withstand the machine handling. For handing out cards at conferences and in person, these are great.


Like Overnight Prints, Vista Prints provides quick, reasonable, and high quality cards. I use Vista Prints for their nice linen notecards.

I tried their postcard and didn't like the glossy look. I haven't tried their matte stock yet. Their quality is very good (50 cards start at $6.69, if recycled, add $4.68)

A glossy postcard

Linen note card

  • Fast service
  • High quality
  • Nice linen notecards
  • Reasonable prices
  • With the linen notecards, you can't get rid of the Vista Print website on the back side

Before I got my excellent printer, I used Artful Color to make fine art glicees (museum quality paper and inks). I found them to provide amazing quality and reasonable prices. These were prints I'd make to sell on Etsy or to give as gifts. An 8 x10 in. print (the paper size, not image size) was about $4.00.  They also make archival quality art cards, the kind you buy at art fairs (Artful Colors charges about $2.50 for a folded two-sided card).

What printing services have you used and do you recommend?

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