Halloweensie Writing Contest: A Spooky Fight

A pumpkin we carved yesterday

Here's my entry for Susanna Hill's Fourth Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest. The rules: write a Halloween story for children under 100 words, using the words broomstick, pumpkin, and creak.

(96 words)

Once again we gathered round
to have our annual fight.
What kind of costumes should we wear
on this October night?

“Let’s find a sheet and cut some holes
—that will be enough,”
said Boo to Doo, who said, “No way.
That won’t be up to snuff.”

“A pumpkin cackling in the dark,
and broomsticks shooting flames.
Now that is something we could use
for trick or treating games.”

“But wait,” I said, “You miss the point.
We do not need to hide.”
I shook my chains and creaked the floor.
“Let’s be ourselves with pride.”

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