Little Red (a short short fairy tale)

© 2013 Sylvia Liu

This is my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill's fractured fairy tale contest (The March Madness Writing Contest), clocking in at 164 words.


                Little Red ignored the village worrywarts who warned her about Nail Forest. She would risk the nasty scrapes from rusted ridges and the stinging scratches from metal flakes. It was the only way to get to Nana’s house before dark.
            “Are you lost, young lady?” called a kindly, raspy voice.
            “No. My Nana’s just through the spikes and past Chainsaw Canyon. Thanks for your kind concern.” Little Red smiled at the strange man with long ears and bushy tail.
            The man started forward, but then furrowed his furry brow. He scratched his head with long, sharp nails. Then he smiled, showing long, ugly teeth.
            He should really get those cleaned, Little Red thought.
            Twenty minutes later, she hugged Nana.
            Nana said, “I’m so glad to see you. The Grimm Daily News says that Lone Wolf is roaming Nail Forest and preying on young girls.”
            “Oh, don’t worry, Nana. A really nice fellow also hangs out there. He’ll keep us safe. Here, have some bread.”