Steampunk Squid (Illustration Friday: Ocean)

Steampunk Squid
© 2012

OK, this week for Illustration Friday, I'm cheating because I'm using a previously made image. A lot of  my work is ocean-related, so it was hard to choose what to post. This is one of my recent favorite characters... a steampunk squid. There are a ton of steampunk octopi around, including one of my favorites, Otto by Brian Kesinger, but not too many squid.

I did this in September 2012, as part of Sweet Squares, a month-long challenge to paint or create something new every day. I ended up with a lot of sea and cephalopod- themed work (see my collage of that month's output).

Here's another sketch, of a steampunk angler fish:

Steampunk anglerfish
© 2012 Sylvia Liu

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  1. Ha ha! I'll bet there aren't too many steampunk squid swimming about! Great idea, & fun character!

  2. I love your illustration. What an interesting combination -- squid and mechanical thingys. It's the colors that really pull it together!

  3. He's adorable, and it looks like he has big plans.

  4. I recognized him even without the title. COOL!

  5. I love steampunk and I love squid (though mostly to eat)...perfect combination, Sylvia!

  6. Ha! You may have just created a brand new genre - cephalapunk!

  7. How fun! This makes me want to get going on the Steampunk illustration ideas I have brewing.

  8. Love the squid, but the angler won my heart for it's expression.

  9. Ha Ha, CS! Cephalapunk. I love it.

    Fun art, Sylvia.


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