Steampunk Squid (Illustration Friday & Sweet Square #4)

Steampunk Squid Illustration
© 2012 Sylvia Liu
This steampunk squid does double duty today:

(1) It's my fourth entry for Sweet Squares, a 30-day challenge to draw or create something every day. So far I've been on a cephalod kick, drawing a nautilus, octopus, and kraken, and adding some fun facts. Here are my squid facts:

  •  Squid have 8 arms and 2 feeding tentacles, unlike octopi, which only have 8 arms (or legs)
(2) It's my entry for Illustration Friday's prompt, "Imagination." I've always been taken by steampunk, the alternate history fantasy sub-genre that has been described as futuristic stories set in a steam-powered, Victorian-era world. I guess this squid might be comfortable in that world.  (In keeping with the theme, I watercolored the background color using brewed tea).

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