Illustration Friday: Swamp

Illustration of swamp and morose creatures
© 2012 Sylvia Liu
This week I decided to try two different forms of digital painting. I played around with ArtStudio for iPad (in the piece above, I used a Wacom stylus to draw and paint on the iPad) and Photoshop (in the piece below, I scanned in a doodle and painted with some nice watercolor brushes I found online).

I like the more vivid color scheme of the first illustration, though the swamp creature and sky is more interesting in the second. By the way, in the southern part of Virginia, there's a place called the Great Dismal Swamp. I've always loved the name, and one day hope to visit in. In the meantime, I'll imagine it something like this:

Morose creatures in a dismal swamp
© 2012 Sylvia Liu